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Northern Lights is a classic Indica dominant variety that is well known for it’s earthy aroma with light hints of fruit and musk. Instantly hitting between the shoulder blades and behind the eyes, Northern Lights is a variety known for intense and long-lasting body effects and strong pain relief as well as helping with nausea and insomnia. Breeders will cross in Big Bud to help increase their yields without sacrificing the original parents unique effects and flavor profile so give this a shot if you want to try the classic Northern Lights with a modern twist!

Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto is an auto-flowering hybrid strain that is comprised of indica, sativa, and cannabis ruderalis genetics. This strain was created by the crossbreeding of the parent strains that are mentioned within its name. Northern Light x Big Bud Auto brings together some high-performing strains and combines the best elements of both to offer a high THC strain that produces mammoth yields.


The high produced from smoking Northern Light x Big Bud leans more towards a body high that is produced from the indica genetics within the strain. The body high generates feelings of sleepiness and brings about a couch lock sensation. This heavy and slightly sedative action may serve as a great form of pain relief for some medical patients. The high produced by smoking this strain also produces a slight head high that is represented by a meditative and almost psychedelic sensation.

Typical to most auto-flowering strains, Northern Light x Big Bud Auto is a fast grower and can be expected to reach harvest time within only 50-60 days after germination has taken place. Plants will also only grow up to heights of around 80-170cm. Both the quick growing time and small stature of this strain make it a great choice for those with little growing space, and for those wanting to keep their growing operation brief and stealthy.

The auto-flowering genetics within Northern Light x Big Bud Auto also makes the plant quite easy to grow, so it makes a great choice for beginner growers who are in a period of experimentation. Autoflowering plants require less work in that their light cycle does not need to be changed in order to force them into flower. This strain offers some pretty outstanding yields, with indoor plants reaching up to 600g per square meter. On the other hand, outdoor plants can produce between 45 and 70g of potent flowers per plant. The buds of this strain contain an impressive THC content of up to 22 percent.

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