Peyote Critical Cannabis Flower

Peyote Critical is a strain originating from a cross between an aromatic Peyote Purple and a resinous, quick-flowering Critical Mass. This new strain is resistant to fungi and pests and is simple and pleasing to grow.

It offers up some very robust flavors, with vanilla tones and an attractive, sweet coffee aftertaste. Thanks to advancements in genetics, new flavors and effects are being researched in strains like Peyote Critical, which won’t let down even the most novice of growers.

With a spectacular genetic lineup that includes heavy-hitters Bubba Kush, OG Kush, and Critical Mass, it is no wonder Peyote Critical is an instant favorite for high tolerance smokers. The earthy yet strangely sweet and grassy aroma is not like anything I have ever come across. It is distinctly pungent and intriguing. The flavor is outstanding and mirrors the Peyote fumes. Effects are instant and sweeping leaving Indica fans everywhere extremely satisfied.

Resulting from the hybridization of Peyote Purple and Critical Kush, Peyote Critical is an Indica strain that goes against the grain in terms of bud quality. The smoke brings on an intense, sweet taste with notes of coffee and earth. It delivers powerfully relaxing effects that may be useful for relieving pain, among other applications.

Harvest comes after 8–9 weeks of flowering, delivering decent yields of dark purple-colored plants. This strain takes on a typical Critical structure, making Peyote Critical a sight for sore eyes as it fully matures into a beautiful beast.

From Our Top-Shelf to Your Front-Door

Our high-quality cannabis is priced to move.  With a newly designed and delivered label, we are proud to bring to you the Nirvana farms 2020 strain of  Peyote Critical. In terms of cannabis flower, this is as top-shelf as they come, exhibiting an aesthetically pleasing structure, demonstrating desirable terpene aromas and flavors, while having a high cannabinoid content.

Commonly this herb is alternately referred to as loud weed for its potent fragrance and high quality. 

‘This is some high-grade marijuana that I’m about to enjoy here.’

‘There’s nothing like the smell of loud weed filling a room.’

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