Cannalope Kush 3.5g


Cannalope Kush from DNA Genetics mixes the powerful effects of OG #18 with the sweet fruity flavors of Cannalope Haze. This hybrid delivers a pleasant light smoke with woody undertones alongside an energetic burst of cerebral activity and euphoria.

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Cannalope Kush was specifically bred for its high yields, and short flowering time. This strain derives from Cannalope Haze and The OG #18. Cannalope Haze brings its high yields to the table with its classic Haze vibes, while The OG #18 delivers the true indica essence and rapid growth.

This 70% sativa and 30% indica strain induces superb uplifting and energizing effects which can manufacture kaleidoscopic contemplations and spacey sensations. After approximately 9 weeks of flowering, Cannalope Kush is ready to be cropped and cured. The yields span between 500-600g/m² if Cannalope Kush is treated with love and respect it deserves. This strain deserves to be included in high-class Kush collections.


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