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A cross of two popular cultivars, Original Glue, and Zkittlez, Gorilla Zkittlez has medium-to-high THC levels and is for experienced smokers. Sold as seed by leading international breeder Barney’s Farm, Gorilla Zkittlez is an indica that produces strong feelings of well-being, sedation, and creativity that may be too intense for novice consumers. This gassy strain is astringent, with a thick tropical fruit bouquet and a hint of chocolate. Gorilla Zkittlez can be grown indoors or outside and flowers in 56 to 63 days.


Gorilla Zkittlez descends from a match made in high-THC heaven: Zkittlez and Gorilla Glue. These two West Coast cultivars passed down outrageous levels of THC and immense quantities of tasty terpenes.

Gorilla Zkittlez emerged from an ambitious breeding project that attempted to combine two of the strongest and tastiest new-school classics. Breeders wanted to harness the unparalleled terpene profile of Zkittlez and merge it with the enormous THC content found in Gorilla Glue. Zkittlez passed down its sugary tastes, and then some. This indica-dominant parent strain inherited its diverse and complementary flavors from two of the tastiest cultivars on the planet: Grape Ape and Grapefruit.

1 review for Gorilla Zkittlez 28g

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    Outstanding Indica dominant hybrid. Works for anxiety, depression & everyday frustrations of life. Nirvana Farms does a great job with this strain!

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