Peyote Critical Marijuana Clones x4


Peyote Critical is a strain originating from a cross between an aromatic Peyote Purple and a resinous, quick-flowering Critical Mass. This new strain is resistant to fungi and pests and is simple and pleasing to grow. It offers up some very robust flavors, with vanilla tones and an attractive, sweet coffee aftertaste. Thanks to advancements in genetics, new flavors and effects are being researched in strains like Peyote Critical, which won’t let down even the most novice of growers.


Peyote Critical Strain Info

With THC levels in the mid to high 20s and high levels of CBD, Peyote Critical tends to produce a strong, physical high that makes it especially popular among medical users. It’s an 80% Indica feminized cannabis strain, which is why its effects tend to be more physical than cerebral. Expect a calming, even mystical high that will help you relax yet remain focused.

Peyote Critical Flavor Is Great For Those With A Sweet Tooth

The flavor and aroma profile of Peyote Critical tends to lean toward the sweet side and is one of its most attractive characteristics. In terms of taste, you’ll likely detect some delicious notes of vanilla, mango, and blueberry, with some earthy flavor just underneath. Its aroma tends to be a bit more pungent, with many describing it as an enticing mix of aged wood and sweet coffee.

A Generous Grow That Can Stand Up To The Elements

This feminized marijuana strain is a tough plant suitable for a wide range of growers. Regardless of location or experience level, Peyote Critical tends to produce excellent results.

  • Like both of its parent strains, Peyote Critical produces generous yields of 650g/m2 (247 oz/ft2).
  • It has a short flowering time of just 50 to 60 days.
  • The strain also has excellent resistance to mold.
  • It grows well in cool climates.
  • Expect heights of up to 180cm (71 inches) when grown outdoors and 130cm (51 inches) indoors.

Peyote Critical’s Genetics Give It Some Color

Peyote Critical is a cross between Peyote Purple and Critical Kush, with each parent leaving its stamp on this feminized cannabis variety. Peyote Purple is responsible for its beautiful, colorful leaves and flowers, with purples, oranges, and bright greens a delight to the eye. Critical Kush, meanwhile, gives this strain its powerful effects. The result is a harmonious blend of two very different strains whose characteristics complement each other well.

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