Purple Punch 2021

PURPLE PUNCH packs a punch! My absolute favorite strain. Its effects fit all of my needs perfectly. Helps depression, headaches relaxes, helps anxiety immensely, works great for pain,( as I was in a lethal vehicle accident. I am Fully impressed with this strain. At 40yrs old. I’ve tried many strains and Purple Punch gets my favorite by far!

- Rachel Roman

Just say the name: Purple Punch. It’s fun. It feels good. The words conjure thoughts of grape drink mix, freezer pops, fruit-infused cocktails, and other colorful cascades of mouth-watering excitement. Right away, you can almost taste it as “Purple Punch” rolls off the tongue.

If a weed strain takes on the moniker Purple Punch, it’s automatically got some sense-tingling standards to meet. It should smell like fresh-picked citrus, taste like a combination of Kool-Aid and blueberry muffins, that leave smokers in the joyful, no-worries mindset inherent in such elemental pleasures.

It’s Nirvana Farms’ pleasure to report that the Purple Punch indica strain does just that and more. It’s sweet, relaxing, and ideal for blazing up specifically to mellow out — to the point that sleepiness can definitely result.

 That factor is what makes Purple Punch weed increasingly popular as a late-night go-to for getting lit. So if you’ve been searching for Purple Punch weed, we’re here to help you.

Concentration and Potency

Indica/Sativa Percentage 80%/20%

THC Percentage 18%-20%

CBD Percentage < 1%

Effects Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy

Duration of Effects 1-2 hours

Effects - Feelings

Relaxed (80%)
Happy (55%)
Sleepy (45%)
Euphoric (45%)
Uplifted (30%)

Helps with

Stress (30%)
Anxiety (29%)
Insomnia (22%)
Depression (22%)
Pain (22%)

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