Rainmaker is an indica-dominant strain that has a reputation for being incredibly relaxing. It has been described as the perfect strain to settle in with because it can have the effect of heavy sedation as aches and pains in the body subside.

With her devoted fans who rave about her time and time again, Rainmaker by Ethos Genetics does certainly seem to be a rainmaker of a bud. By crossing Citral Skunk with Mandarin Sunset, they’ve been able to harness an incredible amount of power into one little gal. Said to be a cup winner, although specifics are not disclosed, this Colorado-born strain is great for the later afternoon or early evening time.

Depending on the particular batch you end up with, Rainmaker can range from 17% all the way to 32% THC. For some, this makes her off-limits while others who are still dipping their toes into cannabis might find her more mellow nugs tolerable. Either way, you go, nugs are rounded and a forest green shade with very small amber crystals. A coating of resin provides a sticky exterior and thin orange hairs complete the picture-perfect look. Both her flavors and aromas are dominated by three strong notes: skunk, citrus, and cheese. If you’re not a fan of any of those, you might want to look elsewhere.

The typical experience of Rainmaker fans starts with a heady feeling that leaves you in a total state of bliss while also being unable to focus on much. You likely won’t be able to wipe the smile off of your face, and at the same time, this joy will leave you feeling utterly relaxed. Those who enjoy Rainmaker note that she brings on pangs of hunger while simultaneously making them feel sleepy, so consider choosing snacks that won’t leave too many crumbs in the bed. Again, the intensity of your high will largely be determined by how potent your nugs are and how well you tolerate hybrid strains.

You’d think that this bud was a true celebrity with the kind of attention she gets surrounding home cultivation, but actually finding seeds to plant is a huge challenge itself. If you are able to acquire some, get ready for quite the journey! Many report that plants end up quite huge and produce an exceptionally large amount of product, so you’ll want to plan ahead before you dive in. It’s been noted that anywhere between 7 and 10 weeks is required for her to fully mature, so while you might be relatively impatient, the rewards will be worth it.

Rainmaker seems to be easily found west of the Mississippi, and if you live in Colorado, you could consider her to be one of your new regular buds. Try this strain in the afternoon if you’ve come across a less potent batch and enjoy the feeling of happiness she often brings. If nothing else, individuals who enjoy her bold flavors will get the satisfaction of an incredibly tasty smoke session.

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  1. Hey my name is William Kirkley I have been on pain meds sence Friday 13 1989 I have a medical THC card I live in Georgia and there is no where to get help except for pain pills is there any way I could get help through fresh farm I can pay don’t want a hand out .

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