I know you must get so frustrated,
With all the extra things you now do.
Whether it is the shopping, or the cleaning,
I see that my injury has negatively effected you.

While I was busy with my recovery,
You had no choice but to carry the ball.
You have shown such perseverance,
I forgot you could also get tired and fall.

You have given me all your reserve energy,
Even while experiencing your own grief.
I would never have volunteered you for this job,
But having you next to me has been such a relief.

I see those glances full of worry and concern,
I know you miss our prior life and the way things used to be.
But you have never let me feel like a burden or like I was alone,
You always let me know your greatest concern was me.

I am sure there are days I forget to thank you,
There must be days that you feel abused.
But please remember my thanks is continual,
Even if there are times that I act confused.

My confusion is not about my appreciation,
I just feel badly because of all you have to do.
I wish I could make your life easier,
It has been hard for me to watch life become harder for you.

There are moments that the spirit is almost captured,
Moments when we can forget our changing role.
But reality is around each corner, rearing its ugly head,
Reminding us of a quality of life that fate stepped in and stole.

Our love will be all enduring, our faith in each other will not fail,
As a team we will stay together and we will never accept defeat.
I just wanted you to know I understand your frustration,
When you get tired and I am no longer able to take the driver’s seat.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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