Silas Farrar Explains – How to Press Kief Coins

Whether you are going to just smoke the kief, want to store your precious trichomes after collecting them, or after decarboxylation, you should press your keif into coins using a pollen press.

You’ll need a press, isopropyl alcohol, some neutral oil like olive or vegetable oil, and some paper towels.

First using a paper towel wipe down the press with alcohol for sanitation and let it dry. Next, lightly coat the surfaces of the press that will contact the material with the oil to prevent the kief from sticking to the press. Oil these surfaces every time you press material.
Weigh out the kief to press. I like using 2 grams to make a kief coin. Using too much material will result in it not binding together properly. Put your material inside the pollen press and screw down the press as tight as you can. Open it up and remove the coin. If you piled everything right it should just fall out of the press.

1. First, you must gather your trichomes. Be sure that the trichomes are dry so that your kief doesn’t mold and get ruined.

2. Assemble your pollen press and remove one end cap and one pin. Stand the pollen press upright so that the open end faces towards you.

3. Now, put your pollen in the pollen press. When all your pollen has been transferred into the pollen press, you can insert the pin.

4. Next, screw the end caps on as tight as you can by using hand pressure. Note that tools like wrenches can damage your pollen press, so only use your hands, but apply maximum pressure. Let the pollen remain in the press for at least 8 hours. For best results, re-tighten the endcaps every hour or so.

5. After the waiting is done, you can unscrew the caps and remove the pins. The hash will usually stick to the pins, so remove it carefully. Your pellet will have the diameter of a penny. The thickness depends on how much material you used. The color of the hash pellet will be dark yellow to light brown. If your pollen press has plastic pins, the hash will not stick as much as it does on metal pins. Now, you can either store the pellet, make some more, or smoke it.

The final product, not decarboxylated.

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