Special are those…that understand that some things may be more difficult 

for me to do and  harder for me to understand.


Special are those…that do not focus on my mistakes and inability’s, but 

rather are willing to over-look them.


Special are those…that do not treat me like I have no feelings, or that I 

do not understand when someone is putting me down.


Special are those…that allow me to do things for myself;  when I can, and 

in their efficiency do not make me feel useless.


Special are those…that treat me with the respect that I deserve rather 

than condescendingly or patronizingly.


Special are those…that never seem impatient with my slower pace or ask 

me to go faster.


Special are those…that do not mention that my words are not always said 

correctly or clearly.


Special are those…that allow me time to think before they expect me to 

answer, realizing my answer may be worth waiting for.


Special are those…that appreciate that even  though I am different, I 

still have worth and a purpose in this life.


Special are those…that understand that new and different procedures are 

often over-whelming for me. 


Special are those…that give me encouragement and hope when I am unsure 

of my own ability.


Special are those… that still find me worthy of their time and attention,

rather than making me feel abandoned.


Special are those…that are willing to overlook my disability, and see 

the whole person  that I really am.


Special are those…that I can  be honest with  in my most vulnerable 

moments, without fear of rejection or judgment.


Special are those…that in their sincerity have helped me to gain back 

my self-respect and self-confidence.


Special are those.. who through their unconditional acceptance have also 

helped me to accept the changes in me.


Special are those…that have the above attributes because they are few 

and far between.

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