Stoner Morning Show (LIVE)

Check us out this Saturday Morning doing what we do best.

Gettin Stoned with friends.

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This Saturday going to be great!

We will be slingin the dirt with soil scientist Jason Patrick, Street Team Productions, and Christine Marie from Industrial Gardens.

Wake and bake this Saturday from 10 am to noon EST.

Jason Patrick has over 10 years of experience in the Agro-pharma sciences, Ag-services, biotechnology, and health and wellness industries. He is knowledgeable in analytics, biotechnology, ethnobotany, extraction, pharmacognosy, microbiology, molecular biology, plant-food production and technology, organic liquid fertilizer production, natural/ organic IPM, and R&D and formulation. Mr. Patrick has performed countless research at the university level and has worked as a research technician on a USDA publication on medicinal properties and pharmacological benefits of botanicals. He has also consulted and provided public awareness and education through advocacy, and he has been working in the U.S. private and public sectors of the cannabis industry since 2014. 

Street Team Productions is a New York City-based production company located in the South Bronx. Street Team produces feature films, documentaries, web series, plays, podcasts, and books.

Christine Marie is a comedienne and multimedia, experimental artist. Her aesthetic is post punk peewee Herman psychadellic nouveau.

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