The enraged seas were intensely and fiercely rough,
the boat was taking on massive waves of salt water.
I suddenly realized that handling this would be tough,
yet determined to sustain the struggle life sent my way.

As we diligently fought to fight and combat the incensed sea,
There were times it seemed totally impossible and hopeless.
The endeavor made me aware of the past resources within me.
Realizing finally that I could meet any challenge when needed.

Had I forgotten that important component that was once part of me?
The real me somehow had become lost beyond my recollection ?
My capacities had been re-taught by the danger of the angry sea.
The irate sea taught me I really can do anything that is necessary.

Never forgetting the raging ocean or the wonderful lesson it taught me.
Life is more than luck it takes hard work and immense perseverance.
Most accomplishments take very strenuous work and an enormous fee.
Success of some kind , really does come to those willing to pay the price.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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