I can not see your face, I’ve may never meet you in person,
But I still feel and share your joys and fears.
Without you there would be so much less understanding,
For me, there would be so many more tears.
When I have a question you give me education,
When I am depressed you give me your hand.
Through your caring correspondence,
I am finally learning how to stand.
You have given me the most heart felt missing piece,
Of a puzzle that I was struggling desperately to try and complete.
And almost like magic the internal pressure has started to cease.
Some would call you strangers, people I will never meet,
But to me you are a life-raft in an otherwise raging sea.
This is an exclusive group, and our dues were paid with pain,
But the pain has created special people, that somehow hold the key.
Before I met you, I was filled with loneliness, and disclaim,
Through your acceptance and guidance, I now want to try and live life.
The feelings of despair and hopelessness, the rejection that was always
Are melting through your interaction, helping me to lose awareness of all
the old strife.
To say thank-you would be such an understatement, but your importance I
needed to share,
You see you have given me back my sense of self, that has been missing
for so many years,
You gave me the important piece of the puzzle, I could accept it from you
because you care.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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