Surviving the Storm

Surviving the Storm

The brain injury storm brought me face to face,
with a killer tornado that slammed me off base.
She is the queen of trauma, pain, frustration, and grief,
She is a destructive storm with the skills of a gifted thief.
She is likened to many other powerful natural disasters,
She inflicts harm and damage without providing many answers.
She changes brain structures and makes them hard to rebuild,
She takes away our plans, dreams, goals, and prior life skills,
She demands we learn to climb the highest mountains and hills.
She becomes a full-time job and at times she feels like a curse,
She makes us very aware we could have ended up in a hearse.
She leaves us to continue living even if life has radically changed,
She leaves us to figure out how to rebuild, relearn, and rearrange.
She teaches us to be thankful for not giving up or being defeated,
She makes us proud we kept persevering and never conceded.
By: Debbie M. Wilson

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