You said a kind word without
even knowing I needed one,
for this I say thank-you.
You took my hand and lead me
when I could not see for myself,
for this I say thank-you.
You opened your heart and
reached out and touched a stranger
for this I say thank-you.
You gave of yourself, even though
it hurt and caused you unneeded pain
for this I say thank-you.
When desolation was all I could feel
you showed me how to find hope again,
for this I say thank you.
When I wasn’t sure there was anyone
that would miss me, you made me feel special,
for this I thank-you.
When I got so discouraged that the pain was
unbearable, you always showed me a bright spot,
for this I thank you.
When there were new heart aches, you stood
beside me and somehow this made me stronger,
for this I thank you.
Though heart-ache, disappointment, and crisis
happen to us all, together we are stronger,
for this I thank-you.
When I could think of no more words of wisdom
you always came up with suggestions that I could not,
for this I thank-you.
And most of all the greatest feeling was knowing
no matter what happened I was never alone,
for this I thank you.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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