Sometimes when I close my eyes in the still of the night, I am
overwhelmed by visions of a massive, raging, turbulent twister. I can
almost hear the angry wind howling, feel its rapid velocity, experience
its viscous, jarring, shaking and unfathomable impact. Its visit causes
graphic impressions of being pelted by flying debris, commotion, confusion,
heart-ache and pain. The background noises penetrate my heart as sounds
of sirens, terror, and painful screams, remind me of the onslaught of a
brain injury or possibly better described as the “brain twister.”

Like other natural disasters, the brain twister strikes with sudden
devastation, and becomes a battle of wills between human and external
elements. There is such agony in realizing that when a brain injury occurs
the disaster that is happening is completely out of our control. A tornado
is powerful and unpredictable, and its life span is generally only a few
minutes. In a very short time span a tornado, just as the brain twister,
is a master of destruction, pain, heart-ache and loss.

When confronted with the awesome power of a killer tornado there is
realization that nothing can compete or conquer the inevitable forces of
nature. Likewise when confronted with the killer brain twister, awareness
remains that it can be an obscure and undisciplined killer; a type of
rogue murderer. Just as massive cloud formations can instantly transform
into menacing tornadoes, the brain twister can strike with viscous,
cold-hearted, sudden onslaught. The focused and fearless fury of a tornado
will never be conquered or controlled by nature. Likewise, the brain
twister cannot be predicted, or restrained, its capricious nature allows
us very little control.

The brain twister is like other natural disasters, in that there is a great
deal of time and expense involved in the reconstruction process. The
after-math of any storms fury is painful, traumatic, exhaustive and grief
filled. Many times a structure is rebuilt without the same physical or
structural components. The structure may retain the same name, but rarely
is it ever an exact replica of the original. However, once rebuilt, the
structure does retain the same value and worth, and many times the market
value is substantially higher.

In a matter of time the rebuilding is completed. There may always be
substantial differences, and many hardships may prevail. However, in
general, the traumatic memories will eventually fade. Life will continue
to move forward even though it has radically changed. The brain twister
may have been successful in wrecking all semblance of our subsequent life.
However, as long as we have kind hearts and pure souls, the important
structural components remain intact.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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