The Hard Core part of Nirvana Farms’ indoor rotation for 2022

Refined by an OG of the highest level, grown as a tribute to his #1, then gifted to the hippy of Nirvana Farms… we are pleased to announce a promising crop of ‘Harti THEHARDCORE’

Cookie Wreck x New Mexico Land Grant

Samples available on October

In Memoriam

RIP dedication project to my best friend and right arm, Cory, AKA HARD CORE, we rode the first chair together for 10 years, met showing up an hour before anyone else to ski each day. Living the life we choose with Excellence.

This excerpt from his Obituary:

Corry John Ehlers

November 29, 1963 – July 21, 2016

Corry was born in Twin Falls, Idaho. The son of John and Marianne Ehlers; and Barbara Mayes-Watkins. Corry was raised in Twin Falls and graduated from Twin Falls High School in 1982. On March 9, 1989, Corry became a proud father to his son Joshua Ehlers-Prince.

On May 21, 2012, Corry went on a day hike up Little Cottonwood Canyon in Alta, Utah, and never returned. Investigators searched by air and ground but never found him. Then, three years later, on July 21, 2015, hikers found the right boot, with a foot bone in the boot, and other skeletal remains were found by Law Enforcement. On November 21, 2015, another hiker found his other left boot, with the foot bone, and other skeletal remains were found. In June 2016, the remains were positively identified as Corry Ehlers. (DNA forensics)


Corry was an incredible man, a loving son, father, brother, uncle and friend. He was an avid outdoorsman. Corry was very passionate about hiking, snow skiing, water skiing and white water rafting. Corry’s nickname was “Hardcore” that’s how most people knew him; that’s because he never did anything halfway. Corry always lived his life to the very fullest and died doing what he loved.

Into the thick

They actually only found about 10% of his skeletal remains. The mountain and cliffs place name he was hiking is HELLS GATE. I still hike and look for any sign, it’s still there hidden and scattered by time, Avalanches and critters.  Cory introduced me to my daughter’s mother.  The least I could do was to immortalize him in a dedicated project.  And not just a named strain, but this was bred to grow wild where he went missing,  that I might engage ritual cannibalism; that is to say commune when smoking the flowers grown where he reincarnates as such…

 Anyhow, it’s too harsh right in that zone so nothing grew there (south face cliff at 8to9k)… but it will grow as a feral guerrilla if there is a bit of rain or snowmelt and fertile well-drained soil.

The process was testing 6 or 7 seed started and stress-tested clones I had at high elevation,  a spring at 9000 feet was directly planted on its perimeter.  These plants mostly thrived but were perfect moose snacks.  All of the test cuts produced well in the summer and began to flower but only the Cookie Wreck survived the snow/thaw/deep freeze early autumn high elevation harshness to produce a smokeable flower after all the pressure.  This was repeated a second summer at a few sheltered forest clearing locations above 8500.  

Cory was hiking up to 10k and his boots were found at 8k…   the locality of the feral guerrilla sacred garden plot is about 5500 where it thrives from snowmelt summer T Storms and sunshine, nothing else.  

Remember: all the magic of creation exists within a single tiny seed.

The only choice for this particular project’s Stud source was the 1700 old Spanish Land Grant AKA New Mexico Land Grant.  Aka the Garcia Fernando. 

This genetic is I assert be THE ONLY NORTH AMERICAN LANDRACE that is not feral ditch weed. 

Originating from an area settled by Spanish explorers and Franciscan friars by the end of the 1500s, a real of Ranchos and Chapels well established by early 1600s, Fur trappers overwintered in the area long before the King of Spain signed the Land Grants in 1700.  The Friar’s robes were spun hemp, ropes, protein seed for the Ranchos, and of course it came over on the Barkos/ships whose sailors all well understood the medicine values of “burning the Rope” as smoking a joint was known at sea in times before. This burning of rope is in fact my first introduction to medical cannabis, another story another time.

Over time the very adaptable Cannabis plant went feral in the southern Rockies panhandle where the Spanish Ranchos farmed it for needs.  The plants spread over the range of ridges, Arroyos, and hills. Eventually, over the more than 300 or even 400 years of feral adaptation, it became a new endemic, just as it does everywhere it is allowed to flourish and adapt to its epigenetic influences, separated from the rest of the genetic population it becomes an Island Endemic, a Landrace with qualities all its own adapted to the land and climate it lives in.  

 When Nixon declared a national eradication program in the early 1970s as part of his initial War on Drugs, the then-current Don of the land grant, inherited from father to son for generations said “fuck that” and refused the order.  The rest of the local landowners complied with the federal mandate and engaged in the eradication program.  Leaving only the island of plants found on the Rancho of GARCIA FERNANDO ( I really need to check to be certain, it might be Ferdinando) but I’m certain it is GF and not FG… 

We all have the power - and it grows when it is shared.

Any how… when I was running the Land Race Traders Club on Facebook, the current Don, grandson to Garcia posted up that he had this genetic to trade, which I jumped on and sent him BOGD seed, and proceeded to instruct him on how to go about culling males on the mountain to improve the overall stand while keeping it an open-pollinated wild stock.  When I asked about how it grew…

“It can be found at all elevations from the valley to the ridges, it grows on open rocky ground.  In wet years it is everywhere, in dry years it is only found in the arroyos and deep rills and ruts on the hillsides, my grandfather told me when I asked where it came from “It is old, it was old when I was young”  “it smokes well” was one of the last things he told me about it. 

He pulled his offer to trade quickly as an unscrupulous operator took advantage and did not return a trade, and it happens that I may be the only person besides the landowner to have this genetic.  I have grown it out to great delight. 

A potent classic Sativa up head, pungent skunk and gas with a stout thick stem and some solid flowers covered in frost… not so frosty as a poly hybrid, but it does the job when garden-grown… and it’s a true skunk!!!! 

The proof is in the hybrid smoke as well…  (this landrace has a slight intersex issue that I have always wanted to breed out into an IBL presentation but also wanted to give the owner of the genetic time to do what he pleases with it and his prerogative, as its been over 5 years now ill be getting to letting some of that out some time, but it’s in this THC and Breath of Turquise Dragon for now. 

We have too long forgotten the magic powers of nature. The time has come to call on them again.

So the Pitch was made and f1 seed was grown out in the greenhouse, F2 seed was broadcast by the thousands onto the side of the mountain.  Most places it missed due to harsh dry and cold, but the sweet spot I found produced plants up to 8 feet tall, dense flowers, and big colas with zero inputs.  The open pollination of the feral guerrilla allowed for more adaptation and produced about 10 pounds of seed,  these have been grown out again in the same locality as well as distributed widely for use in both indoor and outdoor dry farm grow and breed ops.  Plants can range from semi-lanky Sativa form to classic indica.  It has the diversity to adapt to your location, the strong genetic base of the NMLG for dropping a tap root into harsh soil with no water, and the advanced medical aspects of the cookies/train wreck to find what works for your situation.  

I think the best smoke report I have for the Hard Core is the night the ski lodge opened early/pre-season and there was a blizzard blowing, dumping, and whipping the storm raged and a buddy stepped out with me to burn a doobie.  As we puffed in the raging storm in the little nook smokers go beside the great stone chimney and far enough from the main door for not blowing back in…. Other folks started to timidly peek around the stone bulk of the chimney… then a few more and were like .. “Hey.. What’s up!?”  and they replied, oh, we were looking to be sure it wasn’t a real skunk in the smoke spot…  then the lodge Manager burst out the front door yelling at us that we had skunk stank the entire lodge .. mind you the pinyon burning in three separate open hearths, and the half dozen cigarettes to a third stick of The Hard Core… 

20 regular seeds per pack

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