You have unfortunately injured your head,
your tears and fears keep falling like rain.
You want very badly to turn back time,
knowing life will never be quite the same.
There is a reaction of total disbelief,
why did this have to happen to me?
There is perception of the unfamiliar
questioning where is the real me?
The old me has altered , changed,
without permission, approval or consent.
Now time is continuing to go forward,
new plans and goals should be made.
But how? Which way is the right path?
The first step is to accept the inevitable,
admitting that wishful thinking is just that.
The next step is to say good-bye to a life,
that no longer exists due to conditions,
beyond the scope of your power or control.
Thirdly take time to grieve, to feel very sad,
to experience the full magnitude of your loss.
Next experience anger that all you desired,
may never be accomplished in the same way.
Next let go of self-pity, it is totally paralyzing
and interferes in all your attempts to succeed.
Next quit spending so much time thinking about
yesterday and how things could have been.
Yesterday is all gone, it is today and tomorrow,
that represent your future, your hope, your life.
Then commit to battle and fight for all you desire,
recalling that many times we are our worst enemy.
When depression sneaks up and tries to smother you,
push it away with all your capacity and strength.
When confusion and heart-ache is all that you feel,
reach out to someone loyal that will understand.
Lastly, do not look to others to give you peace and joy,
these can only be obtained through acceptance of yourself.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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