The real reason we are called survivor’s is because we survive
unparalleled misunderstanding and disbelief.
Pain, confusion, and misinformation has been thrown at us
On a continuous basis without any kind of relief.

The diagnostic testing rarely shows the magnitude of our problem
Or families may be wrongly offered no hope at all.
Some families and friends may prefer to pretend there is not a problem
Friends we thought we could count on suddenly have no time to call.

If friends and family are unable to validate our changes
We begin to wonder what is real?
Once we became aware of the confusion around us,
We had to question if anyone really cared how we feel.


I was always deserving of your honesty,
I never asked for your pretense, false hopes or dreams.
I was frantically searching for my limitations,
And you confused me with all of your schemes.

You see in the process of trying to help me,
In the best way you knew how.
You accidentally crushed and shattered my spirit,
And more heart-break I refuse to allow.

Your lack of understanding was based on lack of knowledge,
And problems that you were unable to see.
But I won’t allow your ignorance,
To continue to hurt and devastate me.

I choose to deal only with those that can be fair to me.
I have a disability, but did not lose my freedom of choice.
I can still fight for what is just and fair,
Don’t assume my disability has made me lose my voice.

My recovery is my own personal battle,
I will let no one stand in my way.
I will live my life with dignity,
And this is how I choose to begin each day.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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