This Train

This Train
As we ride the train of life many of us,
were asked to take a harsh and deadly detour.
Many of us must get on the brain injury train
complete and total strangers to ourselves and others.
Many of our friends and loved ones cried and grieved,
but our destiny was to catch the brain injury train.
This train cost us challenges in impaired thinking and reasoning.
This train cost us challenges with impaired speech, behavior and movement.
This train required us to experience the most deadly medical disorder in the world.
This train transports those of us with the most expensive medical costs.
This train transports those of us with the highest suicide rates.
This train transports the signature injury survivors of both gulf wars.
This train transports many that are or have been incarcerated.
This train needed hope and light after decades of darkness and no medical answers.
This train was finally rerouted into the cannabis access station.
Now this train has a remodeled, medicated and joyful dining hall.
This brain injury train is full of many experiencing neurogenesis with cannabis.
This brain train is now re-educating doctors and scientists globally for future brain injured.
My life destiny was to catch the brain injury train 33 years ago. I ride with many, many awesome life warriors. Cannabis has absolutely been the only thing that has ever helped my severe traumatic brain injury and many riding on my brain train agree with me!

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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